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Aunt and Uncle Orange:  TRUE MANEHATTENITE

(apple cider, orange extract)

Why my dear, if you wanted the recipe for the punch, you only needed to ask!  It’s a simple recipe, really; only two ponies of apple cider with a splash of orange extract.  It’s simply divine, though, isn’t it?


Kirby’s Watermelon-Basil Mojito

  • 1/2 C. Diced Watermelon
  • 2 oz. Old New Orleans Rum
  • 1 T. Chopped Fresh Mint
  • 1 T. Chopped Fresh Basil
  • 1 T. Sugar
  • Ice
  • Soda Water

Combine the melon, mint, basil, and sugar at the bottom of a rocks or brandy glass.  Muddle the herbs and melon together until the herbs are crushed and the melon has lost a lot of liquid.  Add the rum and ice.  Use your muddling spoon to stir everything until the melon is incorporated into the rum.  Top with club soda.


Big McIntosh:  EEEYUP

(apple cider, herbed apple cider vinegar)

"C’mon, Granny, we’ve seen him make it a hundred times.  You just take six ounces of apple cider and add a tablespoon of herbed cider vinegar, right Big Mac?"


"Y’see that?  Easy as pie."

"Nothin’s easier’n pie!"


Adventure Island Punch

Adventure Island

  • 4 C. Fresh Watermelon (seedless preferably), cut into 1” chunks
  • 1 Lemon, juiced
  • 1 Orange, juiced
  • 1 Lime, juiced
  • 1/2 C. Strawberries, diced
  • 1/2 C. Blueberries
  • 1 C. Dripping Springs Vodka
  • 2-3 oz. Southern Comfort

Combine the watermelon, vodka, SoCo, and citrus juices in a blender.  Puree until the watermelon is almost liquefied.  Add the berries, and pulse until the berries are chopped, but not liquid, and the watermelon is incorporated with the rest of the drink.  This recipe equals about 4 servings.  For a nice twist, you can put the watermelon mixture in an ice cream maker for 25 minutes, then add the berries and let it go another 5-10 minutes.  

It’s a very refreshing summer drink that isn’t too sweet.

(via gankjuice)



(cider, sage simple syrup)

You are gonna love this brew, sugarcube!  You take one pony sage simple syrup, and you mix it with two ponies of delicious Sweet Apple Acres home-pressed cider.  It’s everypony’s favorite!

(via spiritedcharacters)


The Dark Knight Rises (The Breakfast Cocktail)

  • 1 C. coffee, chilled
  • 2 oz. Bailey’s
  • 1 oz. Kahlua
  • 1 oz. Brandy
  • Water
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Cream (optional)

If you have some leftover coffee or like the iced kind, you can make it into ice.  We acquired a Batman ice mold a couple weeks ago, and thought it’d be a great way to make a cool Batman drink (see what we did there?  We’re clever as shit).  Freeze the coffee into ice cubes [Insert Joel Schumacher/Mr. Freeze joke].  Combine the Bailey’s, Kahlua, and brandy in a chilled rocks glass.  Add the coffee cubes and stir.  If you find the flavor too strong, you can add water, milk, or cream.  



Ron Swanson’s Meat Shot Glass

The creative bastards at Man B Que have created the most delicious protein-based alcohol containment device known to humankind.  The Meat Shot glass is perfect for a bloody mary, scotch, or any other alcohol you believe could use a hot beef injection.

Check out the process here.


JAWS! (Old School NES)

  • Sprite
  • 1 oz. Crystal Rum (We tried Pritchard’s Rum, pretty good)
  • 1 oz. Island Punch Pucker
  • Gummy Shark
  • Crushed Ice

Add crushed ice, rum, and island punch pucker to a rocks glass.  Top with Sprite. Garnish with gummy shark.  Great for Shark Week.

Cormac: *tastes JAWS cocktail* “This tastes like… blue.  It tastes like f**king blue.”

Cormac’s brother: “What?” *tastes JAWS* “My God, it tastes like blue”



(almond milk, coffee syrup, chocolate syrup)

I love drinking sweetened milk, but I hate how the last bit always stays on the spoon, don’t you?  And I had an idea to fix it!

If you pour the teaspoon of coffee syrup and teaspoon of chocolate syrup into a shotglass, and you tape that shotglass to the top of a glass of almond milk, the syrup slowly slides into the drink.  Then you can untape the shotglass and let it fall upside-down to the bottom of the glass.  As you upturn the glass to drink your chocolate-coffee milk, a little bit of the milk will become trapped in the upturned shotglass.  When you finish your glass of chocolate-coffee milk, you can upturn the glass and the shotglass will be right-side-up with some milk and that very last bit of syrup in it—it’s genius!  Oh, but be careful; the first few times I tried this I whacked myself right in the nose with the shotglass while I was drinking.

- - - -

[OOC note:  While Maurice is technically correct that this method will use every last drop of syrup, nobody will judge you if you decide to make his recipe in a more traditional fashion.]